From the well to the service station and much more. To generate the energy that sets your life into motion, we operate in several areas. We research, innovate and provide you with quality products.

We are world-renowned for our ultra-deep water oil exploration technology. However, it is not enough to reach the field and lift the oil and gas out of it. It is a long process. We have to get it to our refineries. And they have to be equipped and in constant evolution to supply the best products.

Since our business is energy, parallelly, we research and develop new sources of energy, such as biodiesel. Wherever we operate, we take the degree of demand and quality of the Petrobras brand with us.

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Exploration and Production
We are world-renowned for our excellence in deep water oil exploration and production technologies. We reached the pre-salt, at a depth of seven thousand meters, taking our production to a new level.
Oil and Gas Refining
We have 15 refineries producing more than 2 million barrels of oil products per day. We also invest in new units and technological improvements.
We provide the best products at more than 8,000 service stations in Brazil and in countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. We have a subsidiary for these activities: Petrobras Distribuidora.
Biofuel Production
We have participated in the biofuels market, producing ethanol from sugarcane, for 30 years. We also produce biodiesel from oilseeds.

We invest in various projects in this industry, such as in the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex (Comperj). We have held stakes in Braskem, which is among the world's eight largest petrochemical companies, since 2010.
Generation of Electric Energy
We have 19 power plants with capacity greater than five thousand megawatts. We also have a pilot wind power unit in Natal, Northeastern Brazil.
Transportation and Trade
We have built a network of more than 30,000 kilometers of oil and gas pipelines, and have a fleet of 60 vessels which is currently under expansion. We have a subsidiary for these activities: Transpetro.

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