Get to know the main channels in order to do business with Petrobras.
If you already are or want to be a direct customer or vendor of Petrobras, read the following information carefully.


Check out the specific channels of business.


Customer Channel

Customer Channel

Our customers can find essential services for their relationship with Petrobras quickly. Here, it is possible to make orders, schedule pickups, follow-up on the entire commercial process, and even make payments over the Internet. And the services are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

This is a restricted access area. To have your reference file approved, your company must fill-in the form, send it, and wait for the results of the analyses made by Petrobras' commercial and financial areas

Exploration and Production Consortium

Exploration and Production Consortium

Partnerships are an alternative businesses use to reduce risk and to leverage investments and opportunities in major E&P projects.

Petrobras is relatively new to operating in E&P consortia in Brazil. Consortia began with vigor in 1999, when new companies were allowed to start taking part in ANP bids in Brazil.

Petrobras currently operates two-thirds of the nearly 150 consortia it is a party to. The expectation is that a few years from now most of the oil produced will be in partnership. All the pre-salt projects, which involve large amounts of investments, are in partnership with other companies.

Supplier Channel

Supplier Channel

The Supplier Channel has all of the information for companies that want to be or already are listed on our vendor reference file. Here you can also get up to speed on Petrobras' hiring and learn about the support services provided to the companies that are already our vendors.

The companies must register according to the goods they provide and/or services they provide. If the company is interested in providing goods and services to third-parties, they can also get more information in the Vendor List.


The electronic procurement portal also provides tools for the acquisition of goods and services, serving the Petrobras System companies and their suppliers. Several transactions are carried out through it, ranging from quotation requests and sending bids to hiring and order management.

The purpose of Petronect is to provide simple, fast and safe solutions for good and service procurement processes. That way, using the electronic medium is fundamental to attain more efficiency in sharing this information.

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