Operation of three gas fields in Bolivia

The San Alberto, San Antonio, and Itaú blocks hold large natural gas reserves in Bolivia.

We have operated in Bolivia since 1996. We currently explore and produce hydrocarbons in the departments of Tarija (San Alberto, Itaú, and Sábalo fields, with gas production), Santa Cruz (Cedro Exploratory Area), and Chuquisaca (Monteagudo Field).

We arrived in the country under the agreements signed by the governments of Bolivia and Brazil, with the common goal of enabling energy integration between the two countries.

We signed the natural gas purchase and sale agreement (GSA) with Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) to supply gas to the Brazilian market through 2019. The agreement included hydrocarbon exploration and production by Petrobras in Bolivia, in partnership with YPFB.

We have exploratory projects in the areas called San Telmo, Sunchal, and Astillero, located in the Tarija department.

Transportation and compression
We work with gas transportation and compression and hold 21 percent of the stakes in the Rio Grande Compression Plant.


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Get to know our activities around the world

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