Operation of the Bolivian mega gas fields

The San Alberto and San Antonio blocks contain the largest natural gas reserves in Bolivia

Established in late 1995, Petrobras Bolivia actually went on stream in mid-1996. In Bolivia, our operations focus on developing the hydrocarbon industry.

Our activities there currently include hydrocarbon exploration and production and, until July 2014, we took part in pipeline transportation.
We hold stakes in seven onshore blocks, of which we are the operators of three. The highlights are our operations at the San Alberto, San Antonio, and Itaú mega gas fields, which are located in the department of Tarija, home to the largest natural gas reserves in Bolivia.

We also hold stakes in the Rio Grande Plant, and operate part of the natural gas transportation systems to Brazil.

We signed a Gas Supply Agreement (GSA) to supply natural gas to the Brazilian market with the Bolivian state-owned company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YFPB). The agreement sets the purchase of a maximum volume of 30 million cubic meters per day until 2019.


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Get to know our activities around the world

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