Operation in the fuel business

Presence in the retail, industrial, and aviation markets

With the acquisition, in 2009, of ExxonMobil’s stakes in Esso Chile Petrolera and other associated Chilean companies, we began to operate in the fuel business in Chile, in the retail, industrial, and aviation markets. The acquisition, which began in 2008, brought 16% of the Chilean retail market to the company as well as 7% of industrial market.

Our performance is aimed at maintaining the profitability of the service station network and at the major customer segment, at maritime fuel sales, and at enhancing the aviation segment for new air transportation companies. The goal is to ensure the provision of high-quality services to consumers, accumulating the excellence in customer service and the technical qualifications of the local employees.

Our presence in Chile includes 230 service stations, 109 of which wholly owned (nearly half of the service stations have convenience stores); fuel distribution and sales in 11 airports; seven fuel distribution terminals, four wholly owned and three operated in joint ventures; 22% stakes in the Sociedad Nacional de Oleoductos, and 33% stakes in the Sociedad de Inversiones de Aviación.



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