The commencement of Petrobras' international operations

The arrival in Colombia in 1972 marked the beginning of Petrobras' internationalization process

Petrobras currently operates in oil and gas exploration and production and in fuel and lubricant distribution throughout Colombia.

After Brazil, Colombia was the second country where we had operations, which got underway in 1972. After a period in which we prioritized our operations in the Middle East, we returned to Colombia in 1986 to work in exploration. In the 1990s, we expanded our business there acquiring assets from several operators.

In September 2013, Petrobras' Board of Directors approved the sale of part of Petrobras Colombia's assets to Perenco. The assets that are part of the transaction, still subject to certain customary conditions precedent, include interests in 11 onshore exploration and production blocks and in the Colombia and Alto Magdalena pipelines.

Our presence in Colombia Petrobras continues through the offshore exploration and distribution assets, in addition to an onshore exploration block.

Exploration and Production Activities
Interest in offshore exploration projects, where Petrobras can apply its vast knowledge in deepwater operations, allows one to glimpse an excellent growth scenario for activities in Colombia.

Petrobras Fuel Stations
We provide fuel and lubricant distribution services through our nationwide network of service stations. Among other services, customers can also count on the advantages offered by the Spacio 1 convenience stores, the global Petrobras service station convenience store brand.

Petrobras Lubricants
Our line of next-generation lubricants, the Lubricantes Petrobras, which are formulated pursuant to the highest oil industry standards, started being produced in Colombia in 2005.

We currently distribute the line of lubricants throughout Colombia, supplying the Colombian market with a portfolio of products and services that aims to meet all of the needs of the various segments of the domestic industry, primarily the oil, automotive, mining and transport industries.



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