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The commencement of Petrobras' international operations

The arrival in Colombia in 1972 marked the beginning of Petrobras' internationalization process

Our internationalization process began in Colombia. Today, we have significant assets and an ambitious investment projection that shows our interest in and commitment to the country. We operate in the offshore and onshore segments, and trade fuels and lubricants in all regions.

Exploration in Colombia
We operate through our offshore exploration assets, a segment in which our expertise is acknowledged around the world, in addition to holding stakes in the onshore block, with potential for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, located in the region of Tolima.

The ability to explore new areas affords us an excellent growth scenario for our activities in Colombia. In the coming years, we will focus on offshore exploration, with management focused on the integration of our businesses. Here, we get the most out of the synergy among assets, with realistic goals, and prioritize the performance of each project with high standards of safety, social responsibility and care for the environment.

Offshore exploration is a new frontier in Colombia; thus, we seek to make the best use of our experience to develop and adapt the technology needed for this major industry challenge in the country.

Petrobras Gas and Lubricant Stations
We provide fuel distribution and lubricant services through a network of 104 service stations. In addition, we offer the Petrobras Lubricant line, designed pursuant to the oil industry's highest international standards, to meet the needs and requirements of both individual and corporate consumers.


We have been operating in Colombia since 1972. After a period in which priority was put on the operations in the Middle East, our company returned to Colombia in 1986 to work in exploration.

In the 1990s, we expanded our business in the country by acquiring assets from several operators. In 2000, we made one of the biggest discoveries in Colombia: the Guando Field, 110 kilometers Southeast of the capital, Bogota.

In 2004, a pioneering agreement was signed for deepwater exploration in the Colombian Caribbean and yet today we are the only company to have installed an exploratory well in this region. In 2010, we resumed our discoveries with the Balay Block, operated by our company, followed by the Tiple Block.

In September 2013, in accordance with our strategic guidance, the sale of 100% of the shares issued by Petrobras Colombia Limited was approved.  The assets that were part of this process include interests in 11 onshore exploration and production blocks, as well as stock in the Colombia pipeline.

In 2014, we completed 28 years of continuous operations in exploration and production, and eight years in Petrobras fuel and lubricant marketing and distribution in Colombia.



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