Technology and Research

Technology and Innovation

Our Research Center is the largest applied center in the Southern Hemisphere There we undertake research to achieve our mission with more and more innovation and efficiency: bringing energy to you.

At the Research Center alone, there are more than 600 professionals holding Masters' degrees and Doctorates undertaking research, development, and base engineering activities and networking with 80 Brazilian research institutions.

We have developed exploration and production solutions, such as basin mapping and old field revitalization processes. We are also seeking logistics solutions that will allow us to overcome the major distances between the oil fields and the coast, not only to transport oil and gas, but equipment and people too.

Research allows us to always deliver improved products. That is how we have developed new fuels and innovated in the biofuels area. All of this supported by a refining park that receives investments in modernization and technological capability.

With an eye to the future, we research alternative sources of energy. Technology is our ally in the development of products with increasingly lower emissions and in the deployment of ecosystem and biodiversity conservation and recovery solutions.

Technology and Innovation

  • Diversifying the Products

    Diversifying the ProductsGoing beyond. This is one of the recurring challenges here at Petrobras. We are researching to find new oil provinces and new formulas to re-explore mature fields.

  • Pursuing Sustainable Growth

    Pursuing Sustainable GrowthWhat will move your dreams in the future? We are in search of this energy. The fuel for your car, the electricity for the factories. Progress side-by-side with respect for the environment.

  • Expanding the Limits

    Expanding the LimitsA more efficient, better performing, and lower consumption fuel. That is our goal.

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