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We have started production at the Lucius field, in the American portion of the Gulf of Mexico

LuciusOn Friday, Jan. 16, production got underway at the Lucius field, located at about 380 km (236 miles) southwest of Port Fourchon, Louisiana, United States. Water depth at the site where the field is located is 2,160 m.

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We have set a daily output record

Cidade de ParatyRead the announcement we disclosed on Tuesday (Dec. 23):

Petrobras set, on December 21, a new daily oil and LNG output record, producing 2,286,000 barrels. The output volume does not take into account partner shares, and broke the previous record of 2,257,000 barrels set on December 27, 2010.

Petrobras also broke, on December 21, the daily operated production record, producing 2,470,000 bpd.

The new historical record is mainly the outcome of the contribution made by nine production systems, five of which went into operation in 2013 and had new wells interconnected to them throughout 2014. Four more were installed this year.

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We have started production at the St. Malo field, in ultradeep US Gulf of Mexico waters

Campo-StMaloRead our announcement (02/12) on the start of production at a field in the Gulf of Mexico:

Petrobras announces that it started production today (Dec. 2) at the St. Malo field, located about 450 km south of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Water depth is about 2,100 meters in the Walker Ridge area, in the Gulf of Mexico, and reservoir depth is 8,077 meters.


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FPSO Cidade de Ilhabela goes into operation in the Sapinhoá field, in the pre-salt cluster

Cidade-ilhabelaVessel platform Cidade de Ilhabela, deployed in the Sapinhoá field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt cluster, went into operation Thursday (Nov. 20). The new unit is part of the set of production projects scheduled for this year under our 2014-2018 Business and Management Plan.

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Sale of assets in Peru completed

Logo peqLast Thursday (Nov. 6), during a formal ceremony held in Lima, we completed the sale of 100% of the shares of our wholly-owned subsidiary Petrobras Energia Peru (PEP) to the China National Petroleum Corporation - CNPC for the sum of $2.6 billion.

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Super-alloys for pre-salt

superligas_presal Petrobras develops resistant steel to overcome the challenges of producing oil in Brazilian basins.

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A dive into the mystery of the Brazilian Atlantis

atlantida_brasileira A Japanese-Brazilian scientific expedition in the Atlantic Ocean is investigating the Rio Grande Elevation, a giant underwater plateau in international waters. The research in the region, nicknamed the Brazilian Atlantis, and in nearby areas, may help to clarify a number of episodes in the planet’s history, change maritime boundaries and influence the production of mineral resources.

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Radical Change & Existenz Maximum

Radical Change - the enormous global change taking place around the world.

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Beating the clock

Find out how Petrobras created a cost reduction program that accelerated its pre-salt production schedule and generated savings of US$ 344 million in 2013.

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A new energy index in Davos

Three panel discussions about the subject of energy took place at the 17th edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which was held from January 22 to 25 in Davos, Switzerland.

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