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Third quarter of 2015 results

 ResultadoRead our statement (11/12):

Reviewed by independent auditors, stated in millions of Reais, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS issued by the International Accounting Standards Board – IASB (a free translation of the original in Portuguese).

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Pre-salt output tops the 1 million barrels of oil equivalent per day

1 milhaoRead our statement (10/16/2015):

Production of oil and natural gas from facilities operated by Petrobras in the pre-salt layer exceeded 1 million boed during September, with output averaging 1.028 million boed, and reaching a record level of 1.12 million boed on the 15th of the month.

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New wells confirm Libra field potential

LibraThe consortium responsible for the Libra oilfield in the Santos Basin pre-salt has completed the drilling of well 3-BRSA-1310-RJS, located in the central area of the block. The new well has revealed the presence of hydrocarbons in a low-porosity reservoir, providing important information for the ongoing appraisal campaign over this extensive area. It is the fourth well drilled in the Libra field.

The consortium is also drilling at two other locations. The 3-RJS-739A well in the northwest region of the block has already detected carbonate reservoirs containing oil, and coring operations (reservoir sample collection) are under way. In addition, drilling has just commenced on well 3-RJS-741 in the North.

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Adjustments to the 2015-2019 Business and Management Plan

Read our announcement (10/06/2015):

Petrobras has adjusted its 2015 and 2016 financial planning, given new Brent crude oil prices and the exchange rate (R$/US$).

When the Company first disclosed its 2015-2019 Business and Management Plan (PNG 2015-2019), it said that carrying out the Plan was subject to risk factors that may adversely impact projections, including changes in market variables such as oil prices and the exchange rate.

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We turned 62 focusing on results, management, and governance

Refinaria MataripeWe turned 62 on Saturday (Oct. 03), and continue setting daily operating records. For the first time in history, the total output operated in Brazil, including the portion we operate for partner companies, surpassed 3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day, closing at 3.01 million in August. In the pre-salt region, the monthly operated output reached the record mark of 859,000 barrels per day that month. These results underpin both our leadership in technology for deep and ultradeep waters, and the expectations concerning the high potential of the pre-salt production. Additionally, this record output demonstrated the quality of the reservoirs and these projects' technical and economic feasibility.

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Pre-salt: drilling confirms high quality oil potential in Carcará

CarcaraThe drilling of the third well in the Carcará area (Block BM-S-8) in the Santos Basin´s ultra-deep waters has confirmed the light oil potential of pre-salt reservoirs. Well 3-SPS-104DA, informally known as Carcará Northwest, is within the Discovery Evaluation Plan area of discovery well 4-SPS-86B (Carcará). The new well is located 5.5 km northwest of the discovery well, some 226 km from the coast of the state of São Paulo and at a water depth of 2,024 m.

The pressure data indicate that it is in the same accumulation as two other wells previously drilled in the area, confirming the westward extension of 4-SPS-86B’s discovery, and confirming the presence of good quality oil (31º API) in carbonate reservoirs of excellent quality, located right below the salt layer at a depth of 5,870 m. A significant oil column of 318 meters was found and there has been no oil/water contact from this accumulation.


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Oil and natural gas output increases and sets record

ItajaiIn August, our oil and natural gas output in Brazil and abroad reached the mark of 2.88 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), a historical record, 0.8 percent more than the previous 2.86-million boed record set in December 2014. This volume is also 4.5 percent higher than that recorded in August 2014 (2.76 million boed). Compared to the previous month (July), when 2.80 million were produced, oil and natural gas output was up 3.1 percent.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors‘ leave of absence

EdiseRead our statement (09/14/2015):

Petrobras informs that the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Mr. Murilo Pinto de Oliveira Ferreira, announced today his leave of absence from the Company´s Board until November, 30th. 

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Statement about rating downgrade by Standard & Poor's

Read our statement (09/11/2015):

Regarding Standard & Poor’s announcement of its new rating on Thursday (September 10), Petrobras reiterates that the medium-term fundability of its projects has been assured through loans taken out this year from financial institutions in Brazil and other countries.

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Oil and Natural Gas Production up in July

Itaguai-recordeRead the announcement (8/18/2015):

Petrobras' average oil and natural gas production rose 1.8% in July compared to the previous month and reached 2.796 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed). The Company produced 2.746 million boed in June. Production is up 3.6% on July 2014 (2.699 million boed). On July 8, Petrobras set a new daily oil production record in the pre-salt layer: 865,000 barrels per day (bpd). This production does not include natural gas extraction. Monthly production was 798,000 bpd, 6.9% higher than the existing record for June.

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