We signed a memorandum of understanding with Norwegian state-owned company Statoil

Parceria Statoil


We signed a memorandum of understanding with Norwegian state-owned company Statoil today under which the two companies undertake to evaluate partnership opportunities to deepen their strategic actions.

The companies will work to advance proposals for joint participation in future bids in the exploration area. This gives continuity to the partnership that we have in Brazil and abroad, in addition to capturing value through the use of new technologies to increase oil recovery and by simplifying operating activities. "The outcomes that we have already achieved in our partnerships in the exploration area are proof that Petrobras is able to maintain its strategic interests while finding ways to work around the obvious current capital constraints," noted Parente.

At the present, Petrobras and Statoil are operating in consortia in 13 blocks that are at the exploration or production stage, ten of which in Brazil and three abroad.

Another important point of this memorandum is the effort to enhance our technical skills in order to increase the recoverable oil volumes in mature fields that are already in operation in the Campos and Santos basins.

"We are advancing in a strategic partnership that will be beneficial for both companies. Statoil has very high levels of oil recovery in its fields in production, for example, and we will have access to this technology through a partner, with obvious benefits for both sides," says our CEO, Pedro Parente.

Finally, the two companies, which hold a prominent position in current and future gas production in Brazil, intend to make a comprehensive diagnosis of the gas market in Brazil. The goal will be to optimize the use of gas, including the infrastructure and its monetization, and we may consider joint investments in offloading and processing projects, including attracting new partners.

The memorandum signed today has no binding clauses, but it features the two companies' intention to work together, in a two-year horizon, to make these projects feasible. The amounts involved will depend on the negotiations to be carried out after the signing of the document. 

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