International award recognizes our professionals’ technical expertise


The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), one of the most important oil and gas industry entities in the world, awards today, in Dubai, four of our career engineers with the 2016 SPE Regional Award - South America and Caribbean. The award recognizes the contribution the engineering segment’s professionals have made to the development of the offshore industry. The winners for their outstanding performances are our employees Adalberto Rosa, Flávio Vianna, Márcia Lisboa, and Cezar Paulo (the latter three in the picture, respectively, from left to right).

"Once again, Petrobras employees’ technical excellence is recognized internationally and is a source of pride to us all. These professionals are among the world's best in their specialties. This proves that expertise is our great advantage and will be crucial to support the challenges the company will face,” said Solange Guedes, the Executive Director for Exploration and Production. In common, the winners have a long and solid career at Petrobras, in addition to accumulating relevant experience and innovative projects deployed in the pre-salt cluster. 

Winners of the 2016 SPE Regional Award - South America and Caribbean

Flávio Vianna, general manager for Project Deployment, winner in the “Information Management” category.

Cezar Paulo, manager for Lifting, Offloading, and Processing, winner in the “Projects, Facilities, and Construction” category.

Adalberto Rosa, master consultant in Reservoir Engineering, winner in the "Reservoir Description and Dynamics” category.

Márcia Lisboa, senior consultant in Process Safety, retired late last year, the winner in the "Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Responsibility” category.

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