Leniency agreement foresees an additional R$81 million in compensation

We are going to receive about R$81 million from British outfit Rolls-Royce, which signed a leniency agreement with the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) under the “Car Wash” Operation. The agreement provides for the full reimbursement of the net profit the company obtained in six contracts to supply goods and services to Petrobras. It also includes the full amount paid as commission to middlemen hired to act against the company and the payment of a fine, provided for under the Misconduct Act, equivalent to the amount of the commissions paid to such intermediaries.

“We have been collaborating continuously with all investigations, and have achieved significant results,” says the executive manager of the Legal Department, Taísa Maciel.

The amounts to be paid by Rolls-Royce will be returned within 90 days after the approval of the agreement by the Public Prosecutor’s Office’s 5th Coordination and Review Chamber.

We seek to receive a potential amount worth R$ 5.5 billion

Before the funds relative to Rolls-Royce, the plea bargain and leniency agreements the MPF has signed have already allowed the recovery of R$661 million for the company. We are seeking to receive a potential amount worth R$5.5 billion in the Courts related to “Car Wash” Operation in eight administrative misconduct suits, in addition to other legal measures taken against companies and individuals, including former officials and politicians, who caused financial and image damage to the company.

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