We are recognized for leadership in environmental management in the Carbon Disclosure Project Report


The international organization Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has included us for the first time in a select list of companies that lead the Annual Climate Change Report ranking in commitment to reducing emissions. We have been granted the Leading Company certificate for standing out for good environmental management practices.

Among the main initiatives we have adopted to mitigate emissions are our program for the re-injection of CO2 associated with the natural gas produced in the pre-salt layer; the program for the optimization of the natural gas produced at platforms; the substitution of part of the natural gas consumed at refineries for landfill biogas, and the optimization of fuel consumption in the gas flare system at refineries. Our energy efficiency actions prevented the emissions of approximately 72 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent between 2010 and 2015 in the company’s upstream and downstream activities. The outcome surpassed the target set for the period, estimated at 46 million tonnes of CO2e, by more than 56 percent.

“The company has answered the CDP questionnaire since 2006, and has been scoring higher and higher, year after year. In 2016, it scored A-, which distinguishes it as Leading Company,” noted Air Emissions and Climate Change manager Angela Martins de Souza, who represented the company at the CDP Connection event, on Tuesday (Dec. 13), in São Paulo. Only 21 companies were recognized for their leadership stage, among a total of 115 companies evaluated in Latin America in the climate change category.

CO2 re-injection

We are the first company in the world to separate and re-inject CO2 in an offshore environment at great depths. This process is currently carried out at four FPSOs (floating oil production, storage, and offloading unit) - Cidade de Angra dos Reis and City de Paraty, in the Lula field, and the Cidade de São Paulo and Cidade de Ilhabela, in the Sapinhoá field - and will soon be started at FPSO Cidade de Maricá, in the Lula field. In October 2016, we reached the milestone of four million tonnes of CO2 separated from natural gas and re-injected in the Santos Basin pre-salt cluster.

To achieve this goal, we have developed technology in cooperation with partners and specialized companies. The technique was first adopted in the Lula field pilot project (FPSO Cidade de Angra dos Reis), where we set the global record of the deepest subsea well with the injection of gas with CO2, at a water depth of 2,220 meters (the reservoir itself is more than 5500 meters deep). After 5 years of operation, it can be said that the CO2 separation technology used for the oil produced in the pre-salt, and its re-injection into production reservoirs, is fully feasible from the technical, economic, and environmental viewpoints.

About CDP

CDP is an international, nonprofit organization which has the largest database on greenhouse gas emission management. Every year, it prepares a collective questionnaire created by institutional investors and sends it to the companies listed on major stock exchanges in the world. Its main objective is to disseminate information and performance evaluations on the management of greenhouse gases - GHG, energy use, and risks and opportunities arising from climate change. Signatory investors use the data the companies provide to CDP in strategic investment decisions. In 2016, CDP represented 827 investors.

The questionnaire gives rise to the report, which scores the companies based on to the data reported to CDP. This score shows the progress each organization has made, from divulging the data (D- and D score) to awareness (C- and C score) and management (B- and B score), to a leading stage characterized by the best practices (with an A and A- score).

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