We had the best debt management operations in 2016


We were granted the "Corporate Liability Management of the Year" award by LatinFinance magazine, late Thursday evening, in New York, for having been considered the company with the best debt management operation on the international capital markets in 2016.

The award was for the two securities issuing and repurchase transactions we carried out on the international market in May and July last year. In the first transaction, we issued a total of $6.75 billion in securities with five- and ten-year maturities. In the second, carried out in July, we raised over $3 billion by reopening these series of securities. We used the proceeds from both transactions to buy back securities maturing between 2017 and 2019 in order to extend the average maturity of our debt.

The Executive Manager of Finances, Gustavo Tardin, represented us at the awarding ceremony. “We dedicate this award to Petrobras’ workforce, which is working hard to turn this page in the company's history. We are returning to the place that has always been ours in the international financial community,” he said.

This is the first time we are granted this award.

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