We have completed the acquisition of the assets of Río Neuquén(Argentina) and Colpa Caranda(Bolivia)

Today, we completed the acquisition of 33.6 percent of the stakes of the Río Neuquén concession, in Argentina, and of 100 percent of the interests in the Colpa Caranda asset, in Bolivia, for $56 million. The assets belonged to Petrobras Argentina and were repurchased because of their strategic value to Petrobras. In July, as announced, we sold our 67.19 percent stakes in Petrobras Argentina (PESA), owned by Petrobras Participaciones S.L. (PPSL), to Pampa Energía for $897 million.

Río Neuquén is an onshore tight gas (unconventional natural gas) field located in the province of Neuquén, Argentina, while Colpa Caranda is a gas field in Bolivia, located 100 km north of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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