The Petrobras technology and brand guarantee the quality of our products. We meet each market's specific needs. Check out what we offer you or your business.


At the service station near your home or supplying vessels and aircraft, we develop products that meet the most varied needs and requirements.

Do you want the best fuel or lubricant for your car? Our service stations have it. All of them with the technology and level of excellence that are characteristic of Petrobras.

We are present in the highways, airports, and terminals.

Truck drivers and fleet owners can trust our products and be certain of the fact that we will meet on the roads.

From land to air. The aircraft that criss-cross the skies run on Petrobras' aviation gasoline and kerosene which is supplied in several airports.

Vessels can count on bunker and lubricants designed with Petrobras' cutting-edge technology.

The quality of our products also sails the seas.

Use our Service Station Finder to search for and get to know all stations in your country.

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