Valuing Diversity

Performing with social responsibility in all of our activities is a challenge we are proud to overcome everyday. Through the years, we have improved the way we interact with our stakeholders and have accumulated great experience in this matter.

Our goal is to become an international benchmark in social responsibility in business management, contributing to sustainable development.

We believe permanent dialog is fundamentally important in order for us to attain our goals. We seek to reduce risks, avoid negative social impacts, and to generate positive results through our relationship with the communities that neighbor our operations.

By knowing the reality that surrounds us, we can ensure social insertion and improve people's quality of life, always with respect for diversity.

The great importance of Social Responsibility, to us, translates into investments. We support projects that contribute to the reduction of poverty and social inequality, promoting the protection of human rights and ensuring access to culture and sports.

In addition to projects that encourage income generation and work opportunities, we pay special attention to education for professional qualification and to ensure the rights of children and adolescents. Thus, we do our part as one of the largest companies in the world and contribute to the development of the planet.


Petrobras is set into motion by the work of people on all continents. We count on the diversity of cultures, knowledge, and talent. We invest in our employees because we know it is impossible to achieve excellence in financial results, productivity, and technology without valuing people.

For this reason, our professionals' careers are constantly encouraged by means of training programs, opportunities for promotions, remuneration at market standards, educational benefits, health insurance, among others.

The values, acquired throughout our history, are among our greatest riches, which we call intangible assets. These are essential factors for companies to create value and competitive edge, classified as human, organizational, and relationship and technological domain capital.

Respect for human and cultural diversity and non-discrimination are principles that are essential to us. We guarantee the right to difference, ensuring each worker, regardless of their characteristics, full conditions to develop their talent and potential.

We follow the principles of the ONU Global Pact

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  • 1) Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally recognized human rights
  • 2) Make sure not to take part in human rights violations
  • 3) Business should uphold the freedom of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining
  • 4) Eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory labor
  • 5) The effective abolition of child labor
  • 6) Eliminate discrimination in employment
  • 10) Businesses should fight corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

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